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The GF Thomas DIfference™

Client Centered

We see life as an adventure to be actively enjoyed while taking care of one’s physical, financial, and mental well-being.

As you enjoy the adventure, we can direct your wealth with the goal of benefitting your portfolio, your legacy and the planet.

Our company has become more "green", and our evolution reflects our support for the ideals and values at the core of sustainable investing.

We pursue and accomplish goals with great satisfaction and enthusiasm, in a collaborative and supportive environment that is friendly and welcoming.

GF Thomas Advisory Group incorporates a five-step process that enables us to develop a truly personalized retirement plan for you.

After helping you clarify what is really important in your life, we determine how sustainable investments could be used to accomplish your Retirement Vision while gauging the risks or gaps that might present obstacles. Then we present a detailed financial strategy – one which will be implemented with your input, one that may be adjusted over time.

We always explore innovative ways to solve problems and find solutions.

By drawing on our collective experience and knowledge, we are able to help our clients arrive at practical answers to financial issues.

We take responsibility for understanding the risks involved with actions and decisions. We let our clients know about the tax and risk exposure linked to certain financial choices; we also show them how these factors could be reduced.